Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been here just busy!! Back to business though!

Hi all!! Well... things have been crazy busy here with Halloween at my retail store, and some major home/life decisions as well.

I reopened my retail gift store, Carroll Creek, on August 26th, and it's going SO WELL! I truly missed having my own store and especially decorating. I'm closing down on Nov. 1 & 2 to transform the store into a winter wonderland! Very excited and I'm ready for my Christmas music!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lots of Treasuries!

I'm thrilled to be included in these fabulous Etsy Treasuries!! Do check them out... so much talent out there :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Summer can end now, thank you... :)

My gosh! This has to be one of the longest, hottest Minnesota Summer's I've experienced in my 8 years of living here. Even when we had our 100 degree stretch of weather a few years back, I don't remember it feeling THIS muggy and miserable ... ever! It's being relentless this year.. close to zero breeze and just UGH! I keep dreaming that one morning (very soon I might add) I'll wake up and it'll be like 40 degrees. ... okay, /rant off... :)

(i imagine that porch has a lovely crisp, COOL breeze... dreaming of that...)

We have been busy working on my new store.. painting, removing the old floral wallpaper that actually brought my almost 5-year old son to tears (because he claims he "loves it" and if it gets taken down all the way then he just "wants to sell mommy's store off"!)... what a hoot he is! We got my Etsy business moved over for the most part, still some crafts to bring over, but not until I get nice storage containers. I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to have my Etsy business OUT of our house!!! It's a huge relief :) I can't wait though to be able to set up the store. VERY antsy! This weekend our landlord is having the floors redone, fingers crossed, then I can start making the magic happen!
I am going on 3 hours sleep. Dizzy. But lots of emails. I'm worried about what they will sound like, I'm trying to read them back before I hit "send" but ya never know! I stayed up late watching some DVR shows, fell asleep around 2:30 and Evan got up at 5:30.. or maybe a little earlier. He fell back sleep around 9ish but I'm still awake.

Will have some pictures of the new store very soonish! Have a wonderful day out there, sure hope it's cooler where you are!

... one of my old teddy bears... will probably be offered for sale at my new store...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Re-Opening my little retail store

My mind has been going crazy lately... swamped with what to do, what not to do... talk about confusing!! Since we were pushed out of our last retail store, which closed in September 2008, we tried selling at an occasional shop and focusing on Internet sales... but always looking around for a new location for the store. There's just not many options around here, so we've been talking about working on our old 1870's granary building (again). The main problems there are 1. mice 2. it smells 3. no bathroom 4. it's quite small and I like to decorate. Oh, 5. spiders. Lots of negatives!! We have an addition on the back of the house that's been a long work in progress, but almost the same size as my last store. SO..... I have talked my hubby into THAT space being my new store. The great thing is it's finally going to push him to get it done!! The best thing is that I can finally utilize everything I have stored in the house again for displays and we'll be able to make some money.

I'll be posting pictures of the "work-in-progress". IF you are a primitive crafter and you're looking for an outlet to sell, let me know!! I'd love to have a few new vendors. Our consignment rates are VERY reasonable and we have a good customer base already. Our tentative re-opening is scheduled for August 19th, 2010. The store name is called "Carroll Creek Primitives & Gifts".

Friday, June 25, 2010

My NEW Selling Blog!

Drumroll, please....................

Check out my *Oh My Buttons Selling Blog*!! (just click on the picture) I'm working on putting up items for sale, but feel free to follow the page and add any comments! Hope you enjoy it :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pickwick Mill - Pickwick, Minnesota

Can cats be reincarnated?....

 That is a thought I've been thinking about since yesterday.  You know... the new "stray" cat, Chester, that adopted us?  Well, the more he is here, the more I'm realizing he is EXACTLY like the father cat of 6 of my own, a cat whom we used to call "Friendly Boy".  He came with the property when my hubby purchased it, along with his brother (we called him Boots) and their sister (aka Mommy Kitty).  Sure, the kittens were inbred lol, but they are the best cats ever.  But their parents were quite awesome as well. 

So back to Chester...  the day I found him, he was walking down our driveway and just stopped and sat down.  Thinking back, and all of the similarities, I'm now thinking he was acting like "I'M HOME".  He talks the same way Friendly Boy did... he sleeps on the back of either the chair or couch and lays with his head down over my shoulder, paws stretched out as far as they can reach, just like Friendly Boy did, too.  Even his body shape is the same, esp his head.  Being curious and intrigued, I called him the name Friendly Boy today, just to see what he would do.  And he looked up at me.  Kinda gave me the creeps, mind you I am a true believer in the paranormal world and life after death (in some cases). 

Friendly Boy was very calm & collected, never fighting with another soul.  Same with Chester.  We have 9 other cats in the house, and he is not declawed, but he didn't take a swing at any of 'em.. nor even growl or hiss.  He just made himself right (back) at home.

On my old computer I need to pull off the pics of Friendly Boy so I can compare them with Chester.  Oh, btw, he changed his colors to Orange & White tabby instead of grey like before.  hehe :)

Here's a sneak peak of all the antique silverware ornaments I'll be listing on Etsy tonight and tomorrow.  I need to seal & put the wires on the ones that don't have them yet.  I'm proud I've gotten so many done though!  

I changed out the CD's in my work room and now they are 4/5 Christmas!  Is anyone else listening to Holiday music already?........... Not that I mind..  It keeps me happy out there :)  And Motivated.  And truly wanting to put up a TREE! 

Time to start the listing on Etsy.  I think tomorrow I'm going to make Snickerdoodle cookies.  I didn't think I had Cream of Tartar but sure enough, it was in the pantry and not expired... woohoo! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Have not been home...

We've been doing the "family" thing the last few days... helping out at my parents house, TRYING to get ready for a garage sale.  First it's been raining on the possible days to have it... and now on the news tonight they said next week we should be in the 90's for temps!  My mom said she's NOT having a garage sale in that heat.  :)  I think we should just donate everything and call it good lol!  Today was "Clean their Shed" day, and most everything in there was left from the previous owners.  The mice had too much fun with all of it though... otherwise there would've been some neat finds in there!  I did bring home a few things.. old wood barrel and 2 round tin carriers that would be great flower planters.. an old watering can and an old wood wheel chair!  Yes, a wheel chair!  WHY on Earth I like them... I don't know.  I already have one in our old log cabin.  This one is not as old, but it's OLDER.  See.. here's mine now... (taken last year at Halloween, hence the dead tree branches, which was part of a 10' dead tree I dragged into the log cabin room from outside)

So no crafting these last 3 days.. but I did buy some embroidery floss to start stitching again!  Sooooooo many plans... my parents need to get their house in order so mom & I can start crafting full-time.  I truly want and need to get back to selling places again, besides Etsy!  I was featured in these 2 treasuries this past weekend, fun stuff for sure!!! :)


Monday, June 14, 2010

A little something FUN!

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These little fingers are a'keeping busy!

Oh yes, they have been!!  I've been in a cleaning mood and mom & I are getting ready for a garage sale.. if only it would stop raining here!  I think the sun has been out once and only at sunset in the past 7 days...  and the temps are staying on the cool side :D  So thrilled about that!!  

I am convinced though that we need 2 laundry rooms here.  And there's just 3 of us... but still... the laundry doesn't go down!  I wonder how many people in this world actually have 2 laundry rooms.... hmmm. :)

Here's the new ornaments I've designed these last few days!!  See... I told you I was in the mood for Halloween!  I finally got an Etsy order last night, beyond thrilled, and dying chenille for the hand-dyed bodies.. waiting for it to dry so I can ship them tomorrow!  Tonight I am going to make up a dozen antique silverware ornaments.  I was using an Etsy Store Helper statistics site and was surprised to see that even though I focus primarily on my chenille ornaments, my silverware ornies are getting more views!  So that's my Que to get going. 

Blessings to everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Oh wait... it's only June 8th :)  But, it sure feels like Autumn outside!  I'm wearing a sweater and contemplating closing some of the windows.  It's raining and the high will be 64 degrees today.  I'm not complaining.... I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!  Beats having 90-100 degree temps!  And the 10 day forecast is showing mid-70's for the next 10 days with a chance of hitting 80 next week sometime.

I hope Etsy picks up soon!  I'm so motivated but just no orders coming in.  And besides, I wish I could come up with a quick $16,000 for this car I found!  It's so dreamy!!!  :)  Evan loved it too!

I have a 3:30 eye doctor appointment today to get another exam.  I've been having eye troubles and my eyes hurt all day long and don't want to stay focused on things, they just relax and go blurry.  Hoping it's nothing serious.   

Monday, June 7, 2010

$116.00 later...

I have learned that...

Chester is 3-4 years old
Chester had ear mites
Chester doesn't like bandages on his legs where blood was drawn
Chester's lab tests were all negative
Chester doesn't like the doctor and had to wear a muzzle
Chester especially does not like the doctor feeling his back leg muscles
Chester is a leaping cat with claws
Chester has a torn tendon in one leg (but does not need surgery)
Chester is a poor cat... his back leg muscles are weaker than normal and it will probably affect him for the rest of his life. 
Chester is still the sweetest cat in the world.
He just does not like the doctor! :)

What was supposed to be a $22 doctor visit turned into $116, this means I think we have officially adopted him.  I DID do my good deeds today though and report him "found" to the local vet and shelters.  But the shelter was full and not taking any cats, the next I called she was blunt and pretty much told me "it's kitten season, people want kittens so the older cats are being euthanized".  That is wrong on every level imaginable!  I was not about to send Chester off to his death (oh, and she said they DID have openings for cats... yeah for what, to kill em?!.. NOT). 

Hope you like your new parents, Chester! :)


I had great plans for today... made a big pot of apple cider tea and never even got to drink one cup, thanks to this little fella...

I was sitting in my office, checking on Etsy, when something caught my attention... an orange kitty walking down our front driveway.  I had never seen him before, I knew that much!  And he seemed to be scared of every "outside" sound.. the cars, the birds... all of it.  He stopped and sat down, and I went to the front door, thinking he would take off running... I was so wrong!  I went down the front steps towards him, and he came right to me, happy to see me.  I picked him up, and he was very clean.. I thought someone had to have lost their cat.  So my hubby gets a cat carrier cage for him, and we put him in the car, off to ask all the neighbors if their cat was missing.  Nobody claimed him.. poor thing :(

Next, I called the Humane Society to check their hours.  It was Sunday after all, didn't think they were open... but their machine said Sunday 12-5.  So we drove a half hour, and got there at 11:45... waiting ... and waiting... until 12:30.. finally realizing nobody was going to show up.  OH and btw, the sign on the door said CLOSED SUNDAY.  Nice, huh?!  Someone forgot to change their message!   So, I called my mom and she said just keep him in the granary building overnight with some food and she had an extra litter box I could have.  Okay... problem solved.

Then on the way home, my hubby was complaining he didn't want him in the granary... and just put him in my office.  That's where he has been since Noon.. and BOY IS HE HAPPY HERE!  His head is laying on top of my keyboard as I type this, and he's not even flinching at the keyboard tapping.  OH, I left out one detail.  I had thrown out cheetos this morning for the birds/chipmunks.. and he found them and starting eating em up.  So, that's how he got his name.   Orange cheetos, orange tabby cat = Chester.  So I don't know what's going to happen with him.  He's the sweetest cat EVER!  But I have 9 already..  my mom said.. what's one more, right?!  I didn't plan on this.... what to do!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My date was off! I edited a draft :)

Okay I'm a DORK!  lol :P  I was going to do my first "new" blog post the other night, then just saved it... not realizing that when I went back to edit it, it would use that date.  So technically I'm not behind on my quest to post daily on my blog.. the date just made me appear I was.  :)

I've been featured in yet another wonderful treasury!  All these apples are making me wish it was apple orchard time.  The beautiful cool Summer we're having so far is making it FEEL like it's that time!


I'm watching two little chipmunks in the driveway eating almost in unison.  They are adorable, I could watch them for hours.  The best is to give them a french fry and watch them eat it!  Seriously, it's the cutest thing EVER!

Time to take some pictures for new Etsy stuff!  Hope you love it all :)

Blessings for a happy weekend.....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Okay, I'll admit it...

I truly want to be a "blogger", yet whenever I make the attempt, I FAIL miserably. And I'm so so sorry! But they say that it takes 28 days to form a habit, so I am going to do a post here every single day and see if I can finally GET IT! :) I sure hope so. I know myself, there are blogs I go and read daily, so I feel like I've let anyone down who had enjoyed mine in the past. I hope I can make up for it.

After an Etsy break due to some personal family issues, I AM BACK there as well! I've been fortunate to be included in two treasuries already this week. Sales have been very slow (only one set of tombstone tags sold), this is giving me time to create new designs. I'm all in the mood for Halloween!

If you know of anyone looking for fun ornaments, tags or signs for their retail stores, I would love more wholesale accounts. I'll even reward with some freebies for referrals if they place an order! Thank you in advance :)

Hope life has been treating you all well!