Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christmas Preview!

Here's a fun Santa Claus ornament that I'm offering directly from my blog here. I've not listed him on Etsy (yet) so will give y'all a week to buy it, first come, first served... then it'll go up on Etsy if it doesn't sell. It's made almost completely from vintage reclaimed materials... even the chenille is authentically OLD! Silver Christmas Light Reflector adds sooooo much shimmer... and the red bulb is his 'tree'. He's a good size... 5.5" tall x 4" wide. Can hang on your tree for just $8.95 plus shipping.

Market Place at Frisco Square

Here is another shopping destination to go check out if you are in the Frisco, Texas area! The booth there called "Stay My Baby" carries my Chenille Ornaments... but these are all done up in wonderful pastel colors since her booth features lots of baby goodies as well.

The shop is located at:
8861 Coleman Boulevard
Frisco, Texas 75034

Besides my goods, The Market Place at Frisco Square hosts a collection of boutique business owners, marketing a variety of specialty items, such as women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, home d├ęcor, gifts, toys, and more!.

If you stop by, let me know what you think! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ramshackled Treasures

If you are passing through Zimmerman, Minnesota, be sure to stop by Ramshackled Treasures! Most people don't even realize that I have a whole room upstairs filled with everything from antique primitive furniture, hand-stitched pillows, stenciled wood signs, Wire & Whimsey creations, reproduction tin signs, vintage children's clothing, my own line of hand-blended potpourri and lots of other fun finds!! I will be redoing the room here very soon and it'll be filled to the brim with everything for the Fall and Halloween!

The shop is located at:
12686 Fremont Avenue
Zimmerman, MN 55398


Besides my goods, you can also find One of a Kind Vintage Furniture, Unique New Home Decor in styles from Primitive to Shabby to Cottage to French Chic, Caldrea Cleaning Products, Keepers Of The Light Candles and Webkinz.

If you stop by, let me know what you think! :)

The Olde School House

If you are passing through Historic Montgomery, Texas, be sure to stop by The Olde School House! One of the wonderful vendors there, Anya, offers my Old-Fashioned Vintage Style Chenille Ornaments!!

The shop is located at:
306 Eva Street
Montgomery TX 77356

Besides my ornaments, you can also find Antiques, collectibles, gifts, Texas items, ladies & babies clothing, jewelry, home & garden accents, gourmet foods and Watkins products.

If you stop by, let me know what you think! :)

This says it all.....

It is cold outside!!!!!! wow..... can't wait for the coffee to start brewing this morning!

(sorry, this exact ornament is sold...)

Back to blogging!

I have some new inspiration to (re)start blogging here again. I do have a LOT going on, lots in the works as well... so I truly need to take the time to keep this updated. Etsy has been extremely busy for me lately and I'm worried how busy the Holiday season is going to actually get! Not to mention, I need to go and redo my room at Ramshackled Treasures for the Fall. My parents are in town for another 2 weeks though, so I'm not sure when we'll get over there! I'm sure Stacey is tired of seeing my room the way it's been for quite a while now :)

If you know about my life, you will know that I unfortunately don't live in a perfect "done" house. It's been in "remodel" status now for the last, well, 10 years (although, I've only lived here for 7 of those 10). It's a very OLD house.. and every room has something going on. Even with all of this, I need to attempt to decorate, because who truly knows when the remodeling will get finished. This afternoon I remembered that there was a "dead tree" branch in the front yard, and that I should go and get it before it gets thrown in the burn pile. So, out I went, and this branch was bigger than I expected. And heavy!!! But, I carried it in anyhow, all 10' x 6' of it, complete with brown dried leaves still attached. It ended up not being a branch, but more like a TREE for the house for my Fall/Halloween decorating. Here's some pictures of where I had to put it because it is too tall for the living room. The cabin will be redone at some point, but see, I still try to decorate it. Enjoy the pictures!!

ps - If you have not already bought it, the brand new Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine it OUT! And it's to die for, as always....... You MUST get it!! :)