Monday, June 7, 2010


I had great plans for today... made a big pot of apple cider tea and never even got to drink one cup, thanks to this little fella...

I was sitting in my office, checking on Etsy, when something caught my attention... an orange kitty walking down our front driveway.  I had never seen him before, I knew that much!  And he seemed to be scared of every "outside" sound.. the cars, the birds... all of it.  He stopped and sat down, and I went to the front door, thinking he would take off running... I was so wrong!  I went down the front steps towards him, and he came right to me, happy to see me.  I picked him up, and he was very clean.. I thought someone had to have lost their cat.  So my hubby gets a cat carrier cage for him, and we put him in the car, off to ask all the neighbors if their cat was missing.  Nobody claimed him.. poor thing :(

Next, I called the Humane Society to check their hours.  It was Sunday after all, didn't think they were open... but their machine said Sunday 12-5.  So we drove a half hour, and got there at 11:45... waiting ... and waiting... until 12:30.. finally realizing nobody was going to show up.  OH and btw, the sign on the door said CLOSED SUNDAY.  Nice, huh?!  Someone forgot to change their message!   So, I called my mom and she said just keep him in the granary building overnight with some food and she had an extra litter box I could have.  Okay... problem solved.

Then on the way home, my hubby was complaining he didn't want him in the granary... and just put him in my office.  That's where he has been since Noon.. and BOY IS HE HAPPY HERE!  His head is laying on top of my keyboard as I type this, and he's not even flinching at the keyboard tapping.  OH, I left out one detail.  I had thrown out cheetos this morning for the birds/chipmunks.. and he found them and starting eating em up.  So, that's how he got his name.   Orange cheetos, orange tabby cat = Chester.  So I don't know what's going to happen with him.  He's the sweetest cat EVER!  But I have 9 already..  my mom said.. what's one more, right?!  I didn't plan on this.... what to do!

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