Friday, June 4, 2010

My date was off! I edited a draft :)

Okay I'm a DORK!  lol :P  I was going to do my first "new" blog post the other night, then just saved it... not realizing that when I went back to edit it, it would use that date.  So technically I'm not behind on my quest to post daily on my blog.. the date just made me appear I was.  :)

I've been featured in yet another wonderful treasury!  All these apples are making me wish it was apple orchard time.  The beautiful cool Summer we're having so far is making it FEEL like it's that time!


I'm watching two little chipmunks in the driveway eating almost in unison.  They are adorable, I could watch them for hours.  The best is to give them a french fry and watch them eat it!  Seriously, it's the cutest thing EVER!

Time to take some pictures for new Etsy stuff!  Hope you love it all :)

Blessings for a happy weekend.....

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