Monday, June 7, 2010

$116.00 later...

I have learned that...

Chester is 3-4 years old
Chester had ear mites
Chester doesn't like bandages on his legs where blood was drawn
Chester's lab tests were all negative
Chester doesn't like the doctor and had to wear a muzzle
Chester especially does not like the doctor feeling his back leg muscles
Chester is a leaping cat with claws
Chester has a torn tendon in one leg (but does not need surgery)
Chester is a poor cat... his back leg muscles are weaker than normal and it will probably affect him for the rest of his life. 
Chester is still the sweetest cat in the world.
He just does not like the doctor! :)

What was supposed to be a $22 doctor visit turned into $116, this means I think we have officially adopted him.  I DID do my good deeds today though and report him "found" to the local vet and shelters.  But the shelter was full and not taking any cats, the next I called she was blunt and pretty much told me "it's kitten season, people want kittens so the older cats are being euthanized".  That is wrong on every level imaginable!  I was not about to send Chester off to his death (oh, and she said they DID have openings for cats... yeah for what, to kill em?!.. NOT). 

Hope you like your new parents, Chester! :)

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