Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Oh wait... it's only June 8th :)  But, it sure feels like Autumn outside!  I'm wearing a sweater and contemplating closing some of the windows.  It's raining and the high will be 64 degrees today.  I'm not complaining.... I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!  Beats having 90-100 degree temps!  And the 10 day forecast is showing mid-70's for the next 10 days with a chance of hitting 80 next week sometime.

I hope Etsy picks up soon!  I'm so motivated but just no orders coming in.  And besides, I wish I could come up with a quick $16,000 for this car I found!  It's so dreamy!!!  :)  Evan loved it too!

I have a 3:30 eye doctor appointment today to get another exam.  I've been having eye troubles and my eyes hurt all day long and don't want to stay focused on things, they just relax and go blurry.  Hoping it's nothing serious.   

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