Monday, June 14, 2010

These little fingers are a'keeping busy!

Oh yes, they have been!!  I've been in a cleaning mood and mom & I are getting ready for a garage sale.. if only it would stop raining here!  I think the sun has been out once and only at sunset in the past 7 days...  and the temps are staying on the cool side :D  So thrilled about that!!  

I am convinced though that we need 2 laundry rooms here.  And there's just 3 of us... but still... the laundry doesn't go down!  I wonder how many people in this world actually have 2 laundry rooms.... hmmm. :)

Here's the new ornaments I've designed these last few days!!  See... I told you I was in the mood for Halloween!  I finally got an Etsy order last night, beyond thrilled, and dying chenille for the hand-dyed bodies.. waiting for it to dry so I can ship them tomorrow!  Tonight I am going to make up a dozen antique silverware ornaments.  I was using an Etsy Store Helper statistics site and was surprised to see that even though I focus primarily on my chenille ornaments, my silverware ornies are getting more views!  So that's my Que to get going. 

Blessings to everyone!

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