Sunday, June 20, 2010

Have not been home...

We've been doing the "family" thing the last few days... helping out at my parents house, TRYING to get ready for a garage sale.  First it's been raining on the possible days to have it... and now on the news tonight they said next week we should be in the 90's for temps!  My mom said she's NOT having a garage sale in that heat.  :)  I think we should just donate everything and call it good lol!  Today was "Clean their Shed" day, and most everything in there was left from the previous owners.  The mice had too much fun with all of it though... otherwise there would've been some neat finds in there!  I did bring home a few things.. old wood barrel and 2 round tin carriers that would be great flower planters.. an old watering can and an old wood wheel chair!  Yes, a wheel chair!  WHY on Earth I like them... I don't know.  I already have one in our old log cabin.  This one is not as old, but it's OLDER.  See.. here's mine now... (taken last year at Halloween, hence the dead tree branches, which was part of a 10' dead tree I dragged into the log cabin room from outside)

So no crafting these last 3 days.. but I did buy some embroidery floss to start stitching again!  Sooooooo many plans... my parents need to get their house in order so mom & I can start crafting full-time.  I truly want and need to get back to selling places again, besides Etsy!  I was featured in these 2 treasuries this past weekend, fun stuff for sure!!! :)



  1. Hi Friend,
    So glad to have found your lovely blog! I look forward to following all of life's adventure's with you.

  2. Hi Susie!
    Thank you so much for saying HI and I sure am happy that someone is enjoying my blog :) I've been looking at yours & can't stop... so beautiful and informative and inspiring!
    Have a blessed day!