Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can cats be reincarnated?....

 That is a thought I've been thinking about since yesterday.  You know... the new "stray" cat, Chester, that adopted us?  Well, the more he is here, the more I'm realizing he is EXACTLY like the father cat of 6 of my own, a cat whom we used to call "Friendly Boy".  He came with the property when my hubby purchased it, along with his brother (we called him Boots) and their sister (aka Mommy Kitty).  Sure, the kittens were inbred lol, but they are the best cats ever.  But their parents were quite awesome as well. 

So back to Chester...  the day I found him, he was walking down our driveway and just stopped and sat down.  Thinking back, and all of the similarities, I'm now thinking he was acting like "I'M HOME".  He talks the same way Friendly Boy did... he sleeps on the back of either the chair or couch and lays with his head down over my shoulder, paws stretched out as far as they can reach, just like Friendly Boy did, too.  Even his body shape is the same, esp his head.  Being curious and intrigued, I called him the name Friendly Boy today, just to see what he would do.  And he looked up at me.  Kinda gave me the creeps, mind you I am a true believer in the paranormal world and life after death (in some cases). 

Friendly Boy was very calm & collected, never fighting with another soul.  Same with Chester.  We have 9 other cats in the house, and he is not declawed, but he didn't take a swing at any of 'em.. nor even growl or hiss.  He just made himself right (back) at home.

On my old computer I need to pull off the pics of Friendly Boy so I can compare them with Chester.  Oh, btw, he changed his colors to Orange & White tabby instead of grey like before.  hehe :)

Here's a sneak peak of all the antique silverware ornaments I'll be listing on Etsy tonight and tomorrow.  I need to seal & put the wires on the ones that don't have them yet.  I'm proud I've gotten so many done though!  

I changed out the CD's in my work room and now they are 4/5 Christmas!  Is anyone else listening to Holiday music already?........... Not that I mind..  It keeps me happy out there :)  And Motivated.  And truly wanting to put up a TREE! 

Time to start the listing on Etsy.  I think tomorrow I'm going to make Snickerdoodle cookies.  I didn't think I had Cream of Tartar but sure enough, it was in the pantry and not expired... woohoo! 

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