Monday, July 19, 2010

Re-Opening my little retail store

My mind has been going crazy lately... swamped with what to do, what not to do... talk about confusing!! Since we were pushed out of our last retail store, which closed in September 2008, we tried selling at an occasional shop and focusing on Internet sales... but always looking around for a new location for the store. There's just not many options around here, so we've been talking about working on our old 1870's granary building (again). The main problems there are 1. mice 2. it smells 3. no bathroom 4. it's quite small and I like to decorate. Oh, 5. spiders. Lots of negatives!! We have an addition on the back of the house that's been a long work in progress, but almost the same size as my last store. SO..... I have talked my hubby into THAT space being my new store. The great thing is it's finally going to push him to get it done!! The best thing is that I can finally utilize everything I have stored in the house again for displays and we'll be able to make some money.

I'll be posting pictures of the "work-in-progress". IF you are a primitive crafter and you're looking for an outlet to sell, let me know!! I'd love to have a few new vendors. Our consignment rates are VERY reasonable and we have a good customer base already. Our tentative re-opening is scheduled for August 19th, 2010. The store name is called "Carroll Creek Primitives & Gifts".

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