Saturday, October 30, 2010

New gourmet foods in next week!

Guess what's on the way to the store?

Door County Coffee Christmas Flavors & Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mixes!


  1. Melissa! I just heard about your shop today. I am SO excited to come and see! I make hand-did primitive goodes out of my home and sell them to Primitive Blessings in Stillwater, MN. Bittersweet Farm in Amery Wi. and Simply in Trego, Wi. I was wondering if you would be interested in seeing some of my offerings? Please let me know. You can check out my blog I don't get to put much on there but just a little :0) Please email if you are interested in seeing some goodes and I could bring some in when I come and check out the store! I can't wait!
    Justina Peper @ Primitively

  2. OOPS! I forgot to leave my email address, I was so excited :0) or

  3. Hi Justina! I'm sorry I didn't see your post last night... it's been CRAZY at the store with getting all set up for Christmas and this weekend has been super busy! I'd LOVE to talk more and can't wait to meet you when you come in the store! I took a quick peek at your blog and your stuff is just what we love!! Have a safe drive out here :) Melissa @ Carroll Creek

  4. Hi again! Will you be around the store on Monday? My hubby and I will be over that way and I thought we'd stop by. Let me know and have a great weekend! Justina @ Primitively