Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Fresh Start...

There were some issues, and my old blog is gone. So, let this be a fresh start. I won't go into details over what happened, but I refuse to let a glitch deter my efforts on keeping you updated on my creations and life!

I am attempting to go through boxes today to unpack my craft stuff so I can get busy again. As I'm typing this, my little guy, Evan, is standing next to me looking like the Joker... he ate a Valentine's Day cupcake with daddy just a few minutes ago, and all of the red frosting is all over his lips! To make the situation even funnier, he found the Musical Blinking Halloween Lights... they are in their box, we did not get to use them last year. 10 ghosts that play the Michael Myers Halloween theme! He loves them. :)

Getting back to work, I just wanted to let you know I am fine, and just now having to start over with my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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