Thursday, February 26, 2009

Always on the move!

Time does fly. And like my crazy life, always doing spur of the moment things, I am BACK in Texas. I've actually been down here now for 2 weeks, but JUST getting into the swing of things again. I unpacked all of my craft boxes yesterday and set up my "new" office / craft room. This time I'm on the 1st floor, and I LOVE the natural light that comes in the 3 huge windows. Where I was upstairs last time, my bedroom had one window and always seemed too dark. I've been enjoying weather that seems too nice... well, compared to Minnesota! The last 2 days it's been in the low 80's. I've had the windows open, with the nicest breeze blowing in. And yesterday, a neighbor cut their grass, and to smell the fresh cut grass... what a treat being it's still February!

What is quite ironic is... today, up in MN, they are getting a snowstorm with up to a foot of snow! And here in McKinney, TX, the heat index is going to reach 90 degrees today!!! Then we drop down to the mid-50's, then back up to the mid 70's next week. I LOVE IT!! Really, I'm sooo comfy in my new set-up here, it's going to be hard to go back to MN this time around.

Oh, I should tell you, I am down here helping my mom out. She had her 2nd heel surgery, and well my dad is not really a caretaker. I knew she would need my help, and she sure did. She's not able to "walk" for 4-6 weeks and has been enjoying Evan once again, and working on rolling rag balls while watching tv. She has her first post-surgery follow-up in 8 hours. Yep, I should be sleeping, but we all know I'm the night owl of all night owl's! That being said, I should attempt to get a little bit of sleep. Oh, I have to brag though! Evan is getting to be quite the pro at using the computer. He knows how to open things like the matching game consisting of Thomas the Train pictures they took together of ALL of his trains (which is LOTS!), and picking out different train videos of grandpa's online to open in Window's Media Player to watch em! Then he likes to type. He's into the shift + number keys right now and can tell you by memory alone what special thing you get with each number you press (i.e. shift + 4 = $ sign). He's learning how to tell time, and can count to 100 but really knows any number up to 1000. He's 3 & a half years old :) My little boy makes me proud!

Look for LOTS of updates on Etsy this weekend! And have an enjoyable week!


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